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Summer 2023

Our purpose

The purpose of the California Society of Physiologists is to promote the discipline of physiology; advance physiological research and teaching; facilitate teaching and research forums for students and young investigators, and encourage interaction and fellowship among individuals interested in the physiological sciences and related fields within the state of California.

To achieve this, we come together at events to share our research, provide a network of mentorship for our students and young members, and bring science to the public with outreach events (venues ranging from local K-12 schools, festivals and convention centers).


Past California Presidents

We welcome membership and participation of trainees from the high school level through postdoctoral level including educators with interests in the teaching of physiology


California Society of Physiologists

Promoting an increase of integrative physiological knowledge


Bodil Schmidt-Nielsen

First woman President of the American Physiological Society


Executive Committee

Executive Board Members Represented From Across California

Martha E. O'Donnell
Interim President and
- UC Davis
Declan McCole
Interim Vice-President
- UC Riverside
Kim E. Barrett
Interim Secretary, Co-Founder, and
Past President APS
- UC San Diego
Helen Raybould
Interim Treasurer
- UC Davis